Time to Act!

Exciting news. The Center for Inquiry has picked up the Burzynski issue and is devoting resources to our fight against Burzynski’s inane and exploitative medical adventurism. Today, they sent a letter to the officials at the FDA who were apparently responsible for the recent decision to allow Burzynski to reopen his endless, unrevealing, but highly lucrative clinical trials. They also sent the letter to USA Today.

Please write to your congressional representative about Burzynski, and feel free to read through and adapt the CFI letter for the text of your communication with your rep. Report any replies you receive to skepticsprotect@gmail.com.

Also, we are STRONGLY encouraging skeptics to contact Sen. Claire McCaskill’s office. Sen McCaskill was the one who brought Dr. Oz in front of her committee last week. You can use her consumer protection alert page to encourage the office to take this issue seriously. St. Louis skeptics had a meeting with her staffers last week, so they know what our complaint is. We would like you to just let them know that you are excited about their involvement and that it really is a worthy use of the Senator and her staff’s time.


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