About THCQ

The Houston Cancer Quack is a resource for researchers, writers, and patients examining Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, the Burzynski Clinic, and the Burzynski Patient Group. It is run and maintained by a small group of volunteers, Skeptics for the Protection of Cancer Patients, who have grave concerns about the treatments available at the Clinic, the appropriateness of charging cancer patients exorbitant fees to start a treatment that remains unproven after 35+ years, and who urge patients to steer clear of antineoplastons until Dr. Burzynski publishes the results of a Phase III randomized controlled trial of ANP in a respectable journal.

Our header is a very clever reference to an intimidation tactic employed by Marc Stephens, a sometime-employee of Burzynksi, against a teenaged blogger, Rhys Morgan. Stephens sent Rhys Google images of his home and threatened to contact Rhys’ school. Such thuggery is unacceptable.

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